What are domain name servers?

Domain name servers, or name servers, are the worldwide network of computers that connect domain names to web sites, email, and other services.

When would I want to change name servers?

If you register all your domain names with us and use our services, you never have to set name servers. Generally, you’ll change name servers if you want to register domain names with us and use third party services, or register domain names elsewhere and use our services.

How do I change my name servers?

Log in and click “My Domains”. Click the domain name for which you want to set name servers. In the “Change Nameservers” row, click “edit”. If you want to use our name servers, select “Our DNS” and click “Save Changes”. If you want to use other name servers, select “Custom DNS”, type name servers, and click “Save Changes”. Be aware that most of our services require our name servers; they become disabled if you change to custom name servers. Also, be aware that name server changes can take up to 24 hours to propagate through the worldwide name server network.

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