Obtain a free VPS Server

Here at Gigarank we provide a free VPS hosting service, we have a pool of around 50 VPS servers, which means we have limited resources. In order to allow the maximum community members the opportunity to have a VPS, we have some guideline in place, they are:

How to get a free VPS
In order to gain a free vps server from gigarank we require you to make a minimum of 100 posts in our community forums, once that quota has been met, you are then free to apply for VPS login details.

To keep and maintain the VPS
Should you wish continuous usage of the VPS server allocated to you, we require you to meet the monthly posting quota of 75 posts per month. Failure to meet the quota may result in your VPS being recycled to allow a fresh community member the opotunity to administer

(service starts in early 2015)

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