Guidelines to Quality Posts

Members are required to make 10 QUALITY POSTS in order to qualify for Website space. Posts that are not considered quality posts will not be credited as quality posts.

The following are guidelines as to what quality posts are - and are not.

1. Short one-liner posts are not considered quality posts. If you are stating your opinion on something, tell us why you think so. Of course, not every post you make can be paragraph-length. But in general, try to keep the majority of your posts of a good length.

2. Make sure you write more than just a random word or a smiley .... not only is this very annoying, but it may be considered spam and sent to the trash can.

3. Please keep abbreviations to the minimum. Write words in full. Use proper capitalization and punctuation of sentences. The first letter of a sentence should start with a capital and the last letter end with a full stop. The letter "I" and brand names should be capitalized.

4. Do use spell check to ensure you pick up on typographical errors, particularly if English is your second language. We are not Grammar Nazis, but neither do we like sloppy English that shows no attempt to self-correct it.

5. When you reply to a post, make sure your post adds to the discussion, and is not just some random line that has no connection to the topic ... This generally happens when you attempt to post in topics that don't really interest you. Therefore avoid posting in threads that don't interest you.

6. Before posting a new topic, use the "Search" function and make sure a similar topic does not exist. You may safely start a new thread once you're sure that a similar topic doesn't exist.

7. Avoid posting multiple new topics in any forum... this gets annoying and will be treated as spam, and most of your new topics will be moved to Trash.

8. Do not copy-paste from other resources. Use your own words.

DO NOT SPAM OR FLAME! At GigaRocket, we like to keep discussions civil and of good quality. If you are caught flaming or spamming excessively, you will get a warning, and may get banned as well.

Happy posting!

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